Agency: Green Pea

Brief: Creative Direction and Production. Less than 10 months from creation of high concept band to deliver two London residencies, a slew of summer festivals including Greenman, Camden, and Wickerman, and a 5 track EP, recorded at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall, UK, of I should Coco, Muse and Oasis fame. EP launch, UK tour and merchandise range design, Chimpagne and Tees, production and delivery, from scratch.

Delivery: High concept band fronted by banjo and drums, standing in for a drunken washed up celebrity chimp and his arsehole manager, always AWOL. The Chimps took over the 73 bus route on Chimp Nights and more, for an epic year, culminating in a fantastic EP, Celebrity is the New Royalty, available on all good digital streamers. After a fateful support gig for Chas and Dave, before they died, the Chimps went the way of so many talented mothers: Betty Ford.